Knife Sheath 1 - Natural Leather (Wet Form) Knife Sheath To Fit Mora Or Similar Size Bushcraft Knife

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This knife sheath has been made from malleable veg tan leather and, although designed for the popular Mora Clipper and Mora Outdoor knives, is suitable for any other similar sized knife.
The belt loop is riveted with solid brass rivets (no rust) and the sheath is stitched with natural coloured synthetic thread which won't rot.
The sheath is fitted with a leather 'filet' to protect the stitching
Sheath (external) measures approximately. 235mm x 60mm (tapering to point)
Sheath (internal) measures approximately 200mm x 50mm (tapering to point)
This sheath is ideal for wet forming.
How to wet form your sheath:
  • Soak the sheath in lukewarm (not hot) water for three minutes. Empty out the water and leave to drain for two minutes.
  • Protect your knife by wrapping it in cling film or plastic tape. 
  • Insert knife into the sheath and gently form the wet leather around the blade and handle. (I use an antler tine for this job but a rounded piece of wood or bone works just as well). The leather will stretch slightly as it is moulded around the knife to form a snug fit.
  • Leave the knife in the sheath for 12 hours to allow the leather to dry.
  • Remove the knife and leave for a further 24 hours before use - sorry but you can't rush the natural drying process!
Note: I know it is tempting to hurry the process along, but do not heat the sheath with a hair dryer or hot air blower as this may cause the leather to crack as it dries.
Give the leather a polish with a soft cloth and strap it to your belt. Enjoy the satisfaction gained from making something unique to your blade.

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