Guitar Strap Customisation - Sample (finished) text image and notes about personalisation and custom text

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

As you might imagine, I get a lot of requests for 'special' guitar straps that don't appear to fit the designs I offer. Fortunately, most of these are actually covered, but I do spend a huge amount of time answering questions by email when I should be making stuff. I have finally put together this FAQ based on the emails I've written and the phone calls I've had. It isn't meant to offend or upset anyone, just to answer all those questions before they get asked! 

This is the font or typeface I use to customise my 2" and 3" wide guitar straps. It is easy to read and always looks great.

Sorry guys, there is no other choice and given my discalculia, I'm afraid I don't offer numbers. You can't imagine the muddle I get in with numbers... NO NUMBERS!!!!!
Each letter is 1" high (approx).
I do not offer punctuation of any kind (No dashes, dots, full stops, ampersands or inverted commas. None).
IMPORTANT: Maximum number of letters/spaces is TEN  If you try to sneak in an extra letter or space I will notice!
Sorry folks, I'll always do my best to be helpful but sometimes boundaries have to be set!
I tool custom text into the headstock end (the end of the guitar with the twiddly knobs) of the strap so it can be seen when the guitar is played.
What is tooling?
The tooling process involves striking the tooling stamp with a mallet or maul to leave an impression on the surface of the leather. Each letter is tooled individually.
Having tooled the leather, it is then hand-dyed to emphasise the tooled lettering. Generally the letter itself is hand-coloured in black as this offers a greater contrast. Black straps are a tad different as the leather is tannery dyed right through. This means the letters are just black and don't have a white surround. I do not offer white lettering. The lettering on oiled straps is hand-coloured in black.
Flames, lightning bolts and other custom artwork?
No flickering flames / lightning bolts / Maltese crosses or anything else unless you are prepared to pay for specialist tooling to be made using your artwork (tooling can cost from £50 to £250). This is not to say it can't be done, but please expect to pay for it!
Stitched or appliqued letters?
No, just hand tooled ones. I take individual letter stamps and hammer them into the leather by hand. 
Please note: This is all I offer. I don't offer anything else. Nothing. No.  

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