Hymer - Leather Drop Down Bed Straps - Dark Brown - Pair

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Brand: Barefoot Leather
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Hymer - Leather Drop Down Bed Straps

These replacement leather straps are long enough to fit almost any Hymer drop-down bed. They are hand-made in my Herefordshire workshop.

The straps are topstitched to help stop stretching and each has a firmly riveted 'loop' that can easily be attached to existing metal strap fittings (cleats).

The strap is approximately 14" top to bottom and 1.5" wide (approximately 35cm x 38mm). Please measure your existing straps before ordering to ensure the length is correct for your van.

As you are obviously aware, most classic Hymers are around thirty years old and alterations may well have been made to original fixings and straps. It is impossible for me to know what fittings you have on your bed so these straps are supplied with simple 'placer' holes that may need to be enlarged to fit over the 'buttons' on your drop down bed. If you envisage a problem making the correct size holes then please contact me with a photograph of your fittings and suitable measurements and I will gladly punch the holes to suit your fittings at no extra charge.


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