Strap - Trouser Leg (ratting) Straps in Black Leather - 24" x 1/2"

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So the ratting straps caught your eye, eh? 
Not something you see every day and only suitable for a very select bunch of customers. Ratting straps date back several centuries and probably originate in Lincolnshire (poaching country, don't y'know) but came into popular use in Victorian times. They are direct descendents of short lengths of string but pre-date orange baler twine (the poor man's version) that came into fashion briefly in the 1960s but never really caught on. Original Victorian ratting straps were often stolen unashamedly from her ladyship's pony harness (never to be returned when their usefulness was discovered).
So who needs them, I hear you ask?
Anyone who has even contemplated trousering ferrets should own a pair. Combined with a stout leather belt (see: they contain a matched pair of ferrets neatly and firmly twixt knee and tender bits so you can experience genuine terror rather than some ersatz thrill. Not, perhaps, to everyone's taste. In fact, in my experience, trousered ferrets are rarely amused... 
Gardeners and walkers too can experience the benefits of a pair of ratting straps. They offer a very neat way of tying the legs of your trousers up out of the way of foul 'country' stuff that destroys good corduroy. It's worth remembering that black ratting straps are for gentlemen and brown are for staff...
Finally, but possibly most importantly, ratting straps prevent vermin from invading your nether regions... yes, they are called ratting straps for a reason. A couple of these little darlings over your trousers and around your calves when you take your terrier for a walk round the estate will prevent the ingress of even the most determined rat or mouse. I'm not entirely sure about squirrels, but they would certainly slow 'em down a bit. Safety is assured.
How have you managed so long without them?
Please don't mistake my straps for inferior imported products. These straps are hand-made in England using traditional techniques, solid brass buckles and high quality leather.

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