Belt - 1" wide, plain black leather finished with solid polished brass buckle

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This is an subtle and uncomplicated plain black 1" wide trouser belt made from supple first grade 'through-dyed' veg tanned leather fitted with a classic solid brass 'West End' style buckle set. Trust me, it is bloomin' lovely!

The leather I've chosen for these belts is gorgeous. A truly rich leathery smell, stunning colour and just the right amount of flexibility for comfort and style. I like the way they 'fit' the first time you wear them. No need to 'break them in' because the leather is supple from the outset.

Please note: this belt is made from a single piece of 'proper' leather (approx) 3.5mm thick. No laminations, layers or any other cheap 'high street' brand nonsense. My belts are made by hand for proper blokes and tough lasses!

Be assured your new belt will be a thing of beauty - not made from 'laminated' layers of cardboard or made from reconstituted leather of any kind. In fact, this is just like the original old fashioned brass buckled cow leather belt your grand-dad wore down on the farm. If you look after it, it will give you years and years of service. Hey, it could even become an heirloom!

I make these belts with a pair of press stud fasteners to retain the belt buckle. This allows the buckle to be removed or changed. I'm reliably informed that it makes going through security scanners a lot easier as you don't need to remove your whole belt, just the buckle. It also makes it easier to fit the solid brass slider when the belt is threaded through your trouser loops. Hey - some people like this stuff!

This item is made to order. Belt length can be up to 50" - please specify overall belt length, not waist size. Longer lengths may be available as a special order - if you have any questions please call me and ask before ordering. (The easy way to decide what length you require is to take your existing belt and measure it from the tip of the buckle to the end of the tail). This means that, if required, you can order a belt with a bit of 'room for growth'...

Remember that the first hole is 2.5" (6.5cms) from the tip - this is to make sure you can do the belt up!

NOTE: I need to know the overall length of belt you require NOT your waist size

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