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Leatherworking courses


I run leatherwork training courses here in Bromyard, Herefordshire. 


Students can learn basic leatherworking or advanced techniques. Every training course is individually tailored to suit the students involved.


If you have always wanted to try making a handbag, pouch or maybe a custom guitar strap then give me a call. We can discuss your ideas and put together a really special day for you.


Your day could include:


Understanding types of leather and its various uses

Cutting leather effectively

Using, sharpening and purchase of tools

Hand tooling and stamping

Dyeing leather by hand

Finishing and hand polishing

Hand stitching


Student numbers are always very low - no more than two people at a time @ £100 each per day per person. 


Price includes tea/coffee but not materials. Bring a packed lunch.


Give me a call on 01885 488993 to discuss!




I started thinking how I would like to learn leatherworking skills and techniques and realised that the best way for me would be a 'hands on' lesson. A 'one to one' session that concentrated specifically on the aspects of leatherwork that interest me. I also realised that a good understanding of materials and hardware is essential from the outset. You can't create a pattern if you don't know how materials perform.


This 'taster' course (one day) is 'hands on' from the outset and all about giving you the chance to see if you would like to do leatherwork without the expense of buying tools or setting up a workshop.


During the course of the day (along with other exercise pieces) you could make yourself a very special belt. You could decide how you want that belt to look. You could learn how to cut a leather strap accurately, decorative tooling, hand dyeing and finishing. You would also understand about the various types of buckle, rivets and strap hardware and how they are fitted. I accept that belts may not be what you eventually want to make, but all the skills learned are basic and essential. More importantly they are directly transferable to your chosen path.


With a maximum of two learners in the workshop, you can be assured of personal attention and a firm focus on your specific requirements.


This one day course makes an ideal gift and is suitable for people over 16 years of age. No experience required. 



For more information and to check availability of dates call me on  01885 488993


Letter from a past student:

Dear Ray,
I was so pleased to see you again at Loxwood a couple of Sundays ago - pleased and surprised - that I forgot to tell you how much good you've done me following the six two-hour lessons in carving you gave me in the early eighties. Since then, leather working has been one of my main hobbies, and I have to say I've thoroughly enjoyed it.
Many of my first jobs were carved hand bags, and plain and tooled belts, which I used to stain myself. Since then, I've tended to go for pre-coloured leathers which don't fade. I've no idea how many belts and bags I've made in the last thirty years. I don't do many sales - the occasional church fete or craft fair - but I try to keep a stock items "just in case". Most of the stuff I've done has been for friends and acquaintances who've ordered specific items. I'm still involved in shooting and many of my colleagues carry cartridge bags, boxes and gunslips that they've had from me.
My biggest project has been a western saddle which stands proudly in the corner of our living room. The job took me about three years, because I was still working at the time, and every time I cleared the decks to get back to the saddle someone would come along and say something like "Can you make me a handbag for my wife's birthday in two weeks time?"  I ended up taking the leather parts on a camping holiday to the South of France to get the carving finished.
 I just thought I should let you know what a huge service you did me in getting me involved in leather working, and how grateful I am to you for  that.
I do hope that I have the opportunity to see you again in the future, and I shall look forward to that. In the meantime, please accept my sincere thanks.
Yours very sincerely,
Paul Greenstreet


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