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For admin purposes only.  Nothing to see here... Move along please... 

Just so you know:

Adding an airmail surcharge from this page won't make your overseas order happen as that is all about the address. If your delivery address is outside the UK I'm not prepared to ship for a flat rate. Each overseas delivery will be priced based on the weight of the goods ordered and the destination.

All you need to do is send an email to: telling me exactly what you want to order and giving me your delivery address. I will then work out the correct airmail shipping charge and add it to your order. You will then get a PayPal money request for the total including airmail shipping. As soon as this is paid your order will be made and shipped. 

Yes, I know its confusing, its the internet. Its Royal Mail's airmail charging system and its my poor old website refusing to deal with International orders like a sensible modern and extremely expensive website would - what can I say? Send me an email eh? Thank you!


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