Leather Strop REPLACEMENT LEATHER ONLY (2 pieces of leather x 3" wide)

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Brand: Barefoot Leather
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REPLACEMENT LEATHER ONLY for my Leather Strop (3" wide)


2 x pieces of 2.8 to 3.5mm thick - top grain leather (smooth on one side and hairy on the other).


To fit: strop board measuring approx: 3" wide x 10" long 


These replacement strop leathers can be fitted smooth or rough sides in or out as you choose. Trim to size with a very sharp knife (yes, I know your knife is probably blunt which is why you are mending your strop board. Nobody said this stuff was easy!).


P.S. Some people like to use a polishing compound on their strop. I suggest Jeweller's Rouge because I use it myself.  In my opinion it is the best compound to use and does a proper job of polishing the cutting edges of all my blades. I also use it to polish silver and precious metals because it is not too abrasive. Very useful stuff! - Please check out my other listings for blocks of Jeweller's Rouge.

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