Pouch - Hand-Laced Antique Red Leather Belt Pouch (Celtic Cross Design)

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Product Code: Pouch Antique Red Leather Belt Pouch (Celtic Cross Design)
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Hand-crafted, sturdy antique red leather belt pouch with a Celtic Cross design tooled onto the flap.
A traditional pouch and an exceptionally nice Celtic style design make this pouch really desirable. The pouch is hand dyed so colour variations will occur.
I make these gorgeous pouches from top quality veg tan leather. Each pouch is subtly different from any other. I take time to 'accent' any character in the leather to give you a truly unique product that is tough enough to become an heirloom.
The 'horn' toggle fastening is easy to open and close with one hand and virtually unbreakable. I suppose you could chew it to pieces but...
Two 'hanging straps' at the back that are spaced just right to allow a 2" (max) belt to be threaded through them. I'm happy to make pouches to fit wider re-enactment belts if required - just drop me an email or give me a call to let me know exactly what you want.
Hand dyed 'antique red' to accentuate any variations in the grain of the leather and give each pouch a unique identity.
Please Note: these pouches can vary slightly in colour due to the nature of the leather - some are slightly lighter or darker than the one in the picture.
Size is approximately: 9" x 5" - plenty big enough for a wallet, phone, passport and airline tickets... Yes, baccy tins fit too!

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