Strap - N34F - 16" x 3/4" (natural leather colour)

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Brand: Barefoot Leather
Product Code: N34F
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Leather Strap - 16 inch x 3/4 inch (natural leather colour) approx 3mm thick

I make nice straps. No, really I do!

Old fashioned solid brass roller buckles, gorgeous veg tan leather, carefully cut and punched to work really nicely.

Perfect for rucksacs, pet carriers, strapping fishing rods together, prams and buggies and a host of miscellaneous functions.

Just so you know: The holes start 7.5" from the buckle and end at 11" There is plenty of strap end to push through the buckle so it sits neatly, making them suitable for an absolute plethora of obscure and potentially arcane tasks.

What could you use them for?

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