Hair Accessories - Plain Black Leather Hair Barrette or Hair Slide

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Hair Accessories - Plain Black Leather Hair Barrette

Understated, this black leather hair barrette will add an elegance to your hair in both the daytime and evening.

This rather cool black barrette looks amazing, even in a formal dress. It will lift your hair off your shoulders and keep you cool at the hottest events. 

A barrette is easy to use and will keep your hair in place even if you have very fine hair. Use the elastic band trick to ensure your longer hair stays off your neck all day. Simply lift your hair and loop a hair elastic to hold it up. Then take the wooden stick and poke it through one side of the leather barrette, then poke it through your hair BEHIND the hair elastic, then poke it through the other hole in the barrette. The elastic will keep it firmly in place and you will look stunning. Best of all, nobody can see the icky elastic!

This hair accessory looks great during the day, elegant in the evenings and should be a fixture in every hand bag!

This black leather hair barrette is made from top quality vegetable tanned leather finished with a matt surface.

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