Strap - BRcatC - 10" x 1/2" (Mid Brown)

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Brand: Barefoot Leather
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All-purpose 10" strap, top quality 2mm thick leather carefully cut
and finished by hand in my Herefordshire workshop

Lets be perfectly honest, folks, my straps aren't hugely clever with not a byte or a pixel in sight. However, they don't go wrong and they won't ruin your life, they are very nice looking; made from jolly good stuff and will keep your cat safe - or your sandwiches strapped up nice and secure for as long as you like. Its nice to have simple things in a world full of technology...

All my straps are fitted with a solid brass buckle  - I always use  substantial, good quality traditional style buckles. 

All straps are 1/2" wide and securely riveted.





There are two types of people in this world. 
Those who love closure...

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