Archery Bracer - Traditional style with Green Man tooling (single)

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These hand made laced leather arm bracers are made from top quality 3-3.5mm vegetable tanned hide. They are made in my own workshop. The Green Man is deeply tooled into the leather then hand dyed and finished with a water resistant wax coat. Each bracer is supplied with a strong leather lace to fasten it.

Bracers measure: 7.5" (19cms) wide at wrist x 8" (20cms) overall height x 10.25" (27cms) wide at top of bracer - but these are designed to expand with leather lace fastening.

Archers, this item is made from good strong supple leather and offers both support and excellent protection from 'string twang'!

Please note: This listing is for a single arm guard - pairs of arm bracers are available so please check my other listings.
Cultural/Historical Note:
The cycle of birth, growth, death and re-birth is one that was very familiar to our Ancient British ancestors. Plants and trees filled their landscape; providing life-sustaining food and a habitat for the animals they hunted. Life was hard for the ancients, so it is no wonder they worshiped spirits and deities associated with nature and gave thanks to them when the cold, hard winter skies were replaced by warm spring sunshine. The Green Man is linked to ‘Jack in the Green’ and the ‘May King’ in the Spring, as he is seen as a representative of the all-important ‘life force’. He becomes linked to  ‘John Barleycorn’ in the autumn as the harvest is brought home and may be known as ‘Herne the Hunter’ along with a host of other names throughout the long winter months.

The Green Man is usually portrayed as a human face surrounded by dense foliage. His image appears as far back as the eleventh century in church carvings. As Christianity spread, the Green Man went into hiding, with stonemasons leaving secretly carved copies of his face hidden around cathedrals and churches.

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