Welcome to Barefoot Leather

I have just moved to a huge new workshop in Leominster, Herefordshire.  Please call first if you want to visit:   01568 617707

If you would like a hand-made tooled leather guitar strap, a leather whippet, lurcher or greyhound collar or gorgeous soft leather elbow patches, all made in the UK by a traditional British craftsman, then you have reached the right place. I currently offer a range of more than 500 hand crafted leather items including leather work for re-enactment and living history, a wide range of leather archery equipment and good strong sew-on kilt straps. I even make replacement leather straps with nice brass buckles for cat, bicycle and fishing baskets along with proper old fashioned hamper straps and luggage straps for classic sports cars. Sorry, but I don't do repairs - I simply don't have time!

I'm just a one man business (hindered/assisted by Grace, the whippet) and almost everything I sell is made in my own workshop. I take pride in the things I make, so if you have any questions then please email or call me. My contact details are here and please feel free to add a review so other people can share your experience. One last thing, I hate working out P&P charges so, no matter how much you buy, shipping to any UK address is just £1!



Barefoot Leather