Jeweller's Rouge (fine grade) Leather Strop Sharpening and Polishing Compound for bushcraft, leatherwork, woodwork and straight razors

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Jeweller's Rouge Leather Strop Sharpening and Polishing Compound for bushcraft, leatherwork, woodwork and straight razors.

This is a polishing compound used for sharpening knives with a leather strop and comes in a handy 'pocket sized' bar. Just rub the rouge stick on one side of your leather strop (I rub jewellers rouge on the rough side of my double sided strop) to leave a residue, then strop your blade as normal.


Jeweller's Rouge combined with a good leather strop will polish your stone-sharpened blade to a perfect edge. It is pleasant to use and does a really good job.


HINT: Use a stone to take out notches and nicks and then strop the blade to polish the scratches from the cutting edge. Try to achieve a mirror finish. Scratches mean a blunt blade. Having put a fine edge on your blade, keep it that way with regular stropping. Invest in an effective sheath or case to protect your blade (and fingers!).



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