Leather Strop - Smurf Poo blue grinding paste 120g - Made in the UK

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Brand: Barefoot Leather
Product Code: Smurf Poo 120g
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Smurf Poo contains high quality abrasive powders in a soft paste for optimum sharpening of knives and tools using a leather or power strop. Available in a 120g plastic pot.

To use: Prepare your leather strop. Apply a few drops of light machine oil or mineral oil (clear baby oil is ideal) to soften the leather. Follow this with a thin layer of honing paste.


Put the heel of the bevel on the leather, tilting the angle so it touches the leather. Lightly strop the cutting edge in a direction away from you with a level smooth action. At the end of the stroke lift the knife off and repeat. Strop the blade for about ten strokes each side, then repeat if required. To avoid cutting into the leather always hone the blade in a direction away from the cutting edge.

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