Klebfest - Water Proof / Water Resistant Glue for Shoes and Leather (ideal for pointe shoes)

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Klebfest Water Proof / Water Resistant Glue for Shoes and Leather Projects - extremely strong industrial strength!
Literally as tough as old boots... perfect for repairing Ballet pointe shoes!
This is an extremely strong contact adhesive so lightly coat both parts to be joined and allow the glue to dry before joining the pieces. Cannot easily be re-positioned after joining so be careful!
Very strong and ideal for repairing shoes, bags and other leathergoods. 
We are told it is ideal for repairing pointe shoes: See the review!
Always use in a well ventilated space.
Clean both surfaces to be joined.
Ensure you have created two 'rough' surfaces so the glue has something to hold on to. Sticking smooth surfaces together is rarely a good idea!
Apply glue to both surfaces - we use a scrap bit of leather as a spreader but you can use anything that makes you happy...
Wait - and then wait a bit longer.
When both surfaces are dry to the touch then carefully position / align them correctly. Gently lay one surface on the other and apply pressure.
If a very firm bond is required I often hammer the two pieces together. This is not essential but is a very leatherworky thing to do.. Yeah!
If you have spilt glue then you might want to try methylated spirits to help soften it. It probably won't work very well as this stuff is tenacious in the extreme. However, it gives you something to do whilst thinking of a good explanation for your incompetence (it works for me!).
I use this remarkable glue in my own workshop and can't find anything better! 
Warning: This is a very strong glue suitable for sticking soles onto shoes. It will also stick small children and pets to almost anything...

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