Mandolin (leather) Strap - 1.25" wide - adjustable length (Plain Dark Brown)

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Mandolins are great fun to play (tuning maybe not so much...) but not everyone wants a hand tooled strap, so I made this rather smart dark brown lightweight Mandolin strap for the more 'conservative' mandolin enthusiast. It is very simple and works perfectly. It sits just right on your shoulder and offers just the right amount of support for your instrument.
So, this is a 1.25" wide plain dark brown adjustable leather mandolin strap (which adjusts from 40" to 46" long) made from supple 2.5mm (approx) thick leather. It has a 3 x button slots at the tail end, and a single button slot at the head. It is fitted with a solid brass buckle and has been topstitched (stitched around the edge) in natural coloured heavy harness thread to minimise stretching. 
Please tell me the size button holes you require as mandolin buttons do vary. Most are pretty standard guitar sized buttons, but, hey, yours might be different. If it is then let me know and I'll do my best to make sure your new strap fits perfectly.
You may notice a certain similarity to my Ukelele straps. This is intentional. They are the same. They work the same way. Same price too!


What my customers say about my instrument straps:

"Wow Ray! We love love love our hand tooled straps, they are beautiful stylish and a credit to you. Thank you so much". Wendy from West Sussex

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