Re-enactment / LARP - Leather Bottle or Costrel

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Leather Bottle or Costrel

Made with care in my Herefordshire workshop!

These leather bottles are popular with re-enactors and live action role players all over the UK.

Each bottle is carefully stitched, soaked to make the leather pliable, stretched and wet moulded into the gorgeous organic shape you see in the picture. It is then left to dry before being saturated in molten beeswax which waterproofs and hardens the leather. The bottle is then triple sealed with even more beeswax to ensure it is water tight.

Each bottle is finished with a hand turned oak stopper and a shoulder strap.

Great for re-enactment, living history or LARP.

WARNING: Beeswax will disolve in spirits. These bottles are suitable for mead, ale or even water...

Please note: This bottle is designed to be hung up, not laid flat on its side. The stopper will prevent 'casual spillage' but may not be a perfect seal if the bottle is laid flat. Caveat emptor!

Size:    Each bottle measures approximately 9.5" top to bottom (each bottle is slightly different) plus the stopper. Width is approximately 7". Capacity is around 1 pint.

Etymological roots:



flat, pear-shaped drinking vessel with loops for attachment to the belt of the user.

[Middle English, from Old French costerelpossibly from costierat the sidefrom costeribfrom Latin costa

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