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3 x  Black Wenzel Thread cards complete with needles. 
I frequently get asked for tough thread to do repairs. This stuff is excellent and is sold in packs of three cards.
Wezel thread has been around for years. A really old fashioned product but one that works exceptionall well. It comes wound onto a card to it doesn't get tangled up and each card is  equipped with a good strong needle (you get three needles in each pack of three cards).
For those with poor vision like me (I'm getting a bit old and my eyes don't work like they did) I can assure you the eye of the needle is plenty big enough! 
This thread is great for repairing school satchels, shopping bags, in fact, it works for just about all repairs to heavy leather where you have pre-existing holes that need new thread. 
Ideal for any tough hand stitching job (and horse people will probably already know that it is perfect for plaiting manes!). 

What is Button, Hand-Stitching or Carpet Thread?

If you need a thick, strong thread for a project then this is the stuff you need to look out for. It is sometimes known as ‘Craft Thread’

It really is used to sew on buttons - Doh! Mostly on jackets and overcoats but it is also used in the furniture industry for attaching the buttons to deep buttoned furniture.

The carpet bit is because it can literally be used to stitch pieces of canvas backed carpet together. It is an exceptionally strong thread and I doubt you could break it with your bare hands. Scissors make the job so much easier!

Button thread can be a godsend to the outdoors person or bushcrafter. It is great for mending ripped and torn bushcraft kit including rucksacks and tents. It can be used to stitch up failing walking boots and is strong enough to be used (in multiple lengths) as the string for a fire lighting bow. I’ve even seen a longbow used with a twisted button thread string.

Button thread often has a hard wearing Glace finish - this simply means it is coated with anti-abrasive ‘shiny stuff’ to help it slide through your work more easily. This finish also helps to stop knots and tangles whilst sewing on buttons.

Downsides to Button Thread

It is thick. This may seem obvious but it is tempting to try to use it for everything. It doesn’t work for lightweight repairs where a general purpose thread is more suitable.

Heavy duty button thread comes in a limited range of colours. Generally black, brown and natural.

It isn’t suitable for domestic sewing machines as it is too thick and heavy. If you need to use a sewing machine find a lighter weight thread.

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